Energy is the spark. Leadership requires the creation of shared meaning for a group and the energy to act on it. By working with your team to identify their leadership qualities and how they can help your organization move towards its goals, The Headwall Group harnesses your energy. 

Engagement turns a group’s obstacles into opportunities. The Headwall Group can use your group's energy and skills to identify and apply the most effective ways to engage with each other and the unique challenges of you workplace. 

Efficacy realizes the potential of a team by recognizing internal abilities to overcome challenges. The Headwall Group will assist your team in creating actionable goals based on their learning and support organizational leadership in continuing growth within your organization.


We’ve distilled our cumulative decades of experience in adventure and experiential education into three defining values: Energy, Engagement and Efficacy.

These three values provide a framework to facilitate organizational, individual and community growth. Within this framework, we’ll provide everyday strategies, long-term tools, and practical advice to help you meet your goals.

We use a practical, experiential model of learning to bring groups together, begin dialogue and teach skills. We aim to give you and your organization a toolbox you can use to move forward—while also providing a framework for analysis to help you grow and make strong choices in the future.


  1. Experiences lead to learning. Learning through experience and challenge increases self-efficacy and analytical abilities.
  2. Experience allows individuals to learn in their own style.
  3. A facilitated challenging experience allows individuals to critically understand how they and others learn.
  4. When you’re having fun, you’re more likely to learn and keep your growth going long after the experience ends.


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