The Headwall Group will come to your organization and through observation and interviews help you design the best course of action to help you team realize their full potential.

Let our facilitators guide your staff through some of our curriculum. Some offerings include:

Creative Climbing Coaches

Our Creative Coaching Training trains youth climbing programmers to providing creative, active, and learningful climbing programming for youth. Participants learn best practices in facilitation while learning how to properly structure programs for learning outcomes. The activities give facilitators of climbing program the tools to think outside the box and have fun, while helping young climbers reach their goals.

Leadership Development

Headwall Group Leadership Development trainings give your staff the tools to leverage their strengths and work in diverse teams. Trainings can focus on leadership styles, feedback, communication, and managing chaos.


Let us do what we do best! We can bring creative, active, and learningful activities to your staff to create memories and bonds that will last. Contact us to set up your teambuilding experience with Headwall Group.

Facilitation 101

Is your staff new to facilitating for groups of youth? Do you need a fresh perspective on how to structure and facilitate experiences at your school, summer camp, sports program, or youth development facility? Let us teach your staff how to manage and facilitate to a group, with our unique blend of hands on activities and tools for building active learning into all activities.