Using principles of experiential education, we help organizations build the capacity of their teams and improve the quality of their program delivery through consulting and highly customized training.

"I have been through many leadership trainings for several different jobs, and the training that The Headwall Group led was by far the best. I can't recommend the Headwall Group enough."

-Emma S.


Clients Include

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The Headwall Model

We’ve distilled our cumulative decades of experience in adventure and experiential education into three defining values: Energy, Engagement and Efficacy. These three values provide a framework to facilitate organizational, individual and community growth. Within this framework, we’ll provide everyday strategies, long-term tools, and practical advice to help you meet your goals.

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Customized Trainings

We’ll visit your school, nonprofit or business and provide you with a personalized plan for the organizational aspects you need help with. Our experienced facilitators will use observation, analysis, interviews and feedback sessions to create your customized plan. The Headwall Group will help you jumpstart it—and your first success will be to see it through to completion.


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We provide services for forward-thinking nonprofits, community organizations and businesses looking to promote organizational culture, personal and professional growth and improved problem-solving and team dynamics through unique and challenging initiatives. Schedule a consultation today to get the tools and resources you’ll need to realize your potential.

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