Bix Firer (MA University of Chicago, BA University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) has worked in experiential and adventure education with national nonprofits and school districts in Chicago, Milwaukee, Colorado and Alaska. He has run trainings for groups ranging from teachers to volunteers to students. He has also developed place-based ecological education curriculum and team-building curriculum for very diverse groups of youth. His passion is facilitating challenging and fun experiences that help adults approach youth and each other with energy and empathy and a sense of adventure. While not facilitating for adults and youth and developing curriculum, Bix can be found exploring the high country of Colorado and the Canyonlands of Utah by his own power.

Patrick Brehm (BA Marquette University) has worked in several capacities of youth advocacy, developing and delivering curriculum based in social-emotional learning, experiential education and special education.  He has passionately brought high-level, energetic facilitation and training to diverse communities of youth and adults in Milwaukee and Denver through various non-profits, schools and community-oriented businesses.  As a dedicated rock climbing instructor, Pat is passionate about sharing a unique perspective, encouraging groups and individuals to use rock climbing and other adventures to find connection and balance within oneself, community and natural environment.  When Pat is  not teaching, you can find him climbing.